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The familiar morbidity, reason and solution of conductive coatings






Unstable electric resistance

Not mixing well after dilution with thinner

Must mixing to homogeneous


The electric resistance is not even

The conductive coatings deposits during spraying

Keep swaying during spray, or most preferably using airless spray( pressure tank)


The electric resistance is too high

The thickness is not enough

The thickness for conductive coatings is 15-35 micron.

Uneven spraying

The spraying must be equably, the speed of gun painting should not be too fast.

The proportion of thinner is not correct.

Must use the electronic scales to ensure the accurate mixing proportion.



The adhesion of conductive coatings is not qualified.

The pretreatment of substrate is not qualified

The pretreatment should be standard.

The drying time is not accordant to standard

The drying temperature and time: for ABS material, 60≧, 30 minute.

Tested to early

Test after 8 hours drying (keep normal temperature)

The coatings layer is too thick..

The coating layer thickness should be accordant to the standard.

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