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Application process


   1、Clean the being sprayed articles with ethanol absolute. Then put it in the air until dry.
   2、After opening the barrel of coating, the precipitated powder has to be stirred to homogeneous with an electric mixer. Then add specified thinner to dilute.( the weight proportion of coating : thinner=1:0.5, over diluted coating will cause conductivity and adhesion problems.
   3、After diluting, use 100-150 mesh brass filter or sieve to filtrate. Then fill the coating into a spray gun to spray. Swaying the spray gun during spray to avoid settling of the powders, due to the coating¨s viscosity is low after dilution. Most preferably to use 5KG pressure tank and a spray gun equipped with stirrer. ( if the conductive powder is settling, the conductivity of coating will be uneven. )
   4、The thinner must be 95 percent industrial alcohol act in accordance, such as to add more and will affect the conductivity of adhesion (that must operate with electronic scales).
   5、The pressure of spray gun should be controled between 3kg and 5kg. The distance of spray should be according to the size of workpiece, generally, it is 15~25cm. 
   6、Different model of coatings gives different layer, because particle size is different. Generally, the thickness of coating film is 20-30 micron. ( For complex inner surface, 4 times spraying required, and 2 times for plane surface.)
   7、After spraying, keep drying at ambient temperature for 10-20 minutes to evaporate the solvents, then stoving at 60C for 30-40 minutes, (the stoving temperature may differ from articles with different thermostability, here we take ABS as an example). Testing after 24 hours to check the best performance of the coating. 
   8、The application facilities must be equipped with dehydrate device, most preferably to use refrigerating dehydrate equipment, to ensure the quality of coatings.


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