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Technical descriptions

(一)、General conductive coating
『Anti-resistance of surface, Conductive performance』
   The thickness of coat .> 12.5μ;
   The anti-resistance of surface < 1Ω/cm;
   The test method is point to point.
『40-60dβ The valve of electromagnetic wave shielding is 40-60dβ』
『The shielding scope of conductive coat』
   Between 28-80 dB, the dβ scope from 1MHZ-GHZ is decided according to the requirements of electronic products. (not uniform standard)
『Adhesive force-Cross cut adhesive force test』
   Within 40μcoat film, 746c cross-cut tester, 15-30℃ knife-edge angle, 3M610 adhesive tape, 1-2cm cross cut
『Anti-friction performance after film molding』
   After 30h film drying, to drop ethanol absolute with thin white cotton, on the surface of conductive coat with dry film spray painting, no change after 50 times light grinding and 1kg stressing.
『Coating area』   
   Per 1000g conductive coat, under 100% efficiency, the thickness of coat > 12.5μ, 20sec.±5sec. (25℃) viscosity, the coating area is 4-5m2.
『The application of special material』
   1、 Our conductive coatings can be used on all sorts of special materials, such as plastics, unsaturated resins, paraffins, and all kinds of black and nonferrous metals. The adhesion and conductive performance is outstanding.
   2、 In 2005  our company launched nonferrous metal anti-oxidant protective agent ,Our nonferrous metal anti-oxidant protective agent can protect the nonferrous metal from oxidation during long time exposure.
(二)、Conductive anti-corrosive coatings
   Our conductive anti-corrosive coatings is applied to black and nonferrous metal. It is conductive and anti-corrosive. The index are as following:
   1、The electronic performance is < 0.1 ohm (with good adhesion), and its cathodic conductive and anti-corrosive performance is accordant with 1980 European Standard.
   2、Through salt spray test, the ability of salt spray resistance can reach 600-800 hours.
   3、Tack-free time is 15 minutes, and completely cured after 12 hours.  
   4、The metal content of dry film reach more than 92%, and the temperature resistance of dry layer reach 100-120C
   5、The anti-corrosive performance is according to international standard, and the durability of anti-corrosive can reach 15-18 years.
   6、Aerosol spray-paint, 1-component type, shaking for a while after opening the lid, it can spray automatically.  Shaking the spray pipe again if the pressure is not enough.
   7、The spraying effective area can reach 5-6M2 per pot, can spray directly without primer.
   8、The outstanding adhesion make our product adhere to any available spot of metal surface, so it is called “Spot-Weldable”. 
   Application scope: The product can be applied to military industrial products, such as warship, airplane, etc., and other kinds of industry products.
   Requirements can be meet: high anti-corrosion performance. Applied to nonferrous metal, black metal, and nonmetal that require conduction and shielding electromagnetic wave interference.

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